Basic installation of a low-voltage network and execution of the construction works of the 0.4 kV network. 

Exclusive Spar store - MOM Park shopping center - September 2013 In September 2013, a new SPAR store was opened on the ground floor of MOM park, which also stands out in terms of interior design works in Europe. The interior design was won by a young Hungarian team, LAB5, and most of the construction was carried out by Enter Team. The entire interior of the 2000 sqm grocery store forms a perfect unit. The somewhat futuristic sight has already been published by the domestic press and several international sites. The most peculiar unit is the wine section, where the spatial shapes that curve on both the ceiling and the walls were made by placing flat plates of different sizes behind each other. This shelving system gives the venue a really special atmosphere. The luminaires at the checkouts were bent from translucent Corian material. Designer: LAB5 architects