Security technology

Contact protection: First inspection of electrical equipment

According to MSZ HD 60364-6: 2007

It consists of electrical instrumental measurements, and during the on - site inspection we classify the electrical equipment , whether it complies with the applicable contact protection standards. The touch protection standardization review includes a touch guard installer inspection.

The current FMM Decree 14/2004 (IV.19) stipulates that the contact protection must be checked periodically before the electrical equipment is put into operation and at regular intervals.
• Circuit breaker: monthly
• portable electric machines (arc welding) hand tools: annually
• Buildings covered by KLÉSZ: every 6 years
• On all other electrical equipment: every 3 years

Lightning Protection: Lightning Protection Review

54/2014 (XII.5.) BM. according to the regulation

The lightning protection review and qualification contained in the lightning protection protocol is regulated by the National Fire Protection Regulations in force at all times (OTSZ).
The lightning protection test is carried out in accordance with the standards and regulations in force at the time of construction of the lightning protection device. We also undertake the inspection of lightning protection equipment manufactured in accordance with the standard (new lightning protection) and in accordance with the old standard installed on a non-standard existing building.

Frequency of periodic reviews
• Every 3 years: In buildings of fire risk class A, B.
• Every 6 years: in buildings of fire hazard class C, D, E.
• After modification, extension, or repair of the building or attached lightning rod that changes the safety of the lightning protection.
• Damage to the lightning arrester after a strong lightning strike into a building and after detecting anything that could affect the effectiveness of the lightning protection.

Fire Standardization Review

According to MSZ HD 60364-6: 2007

This periodic standardization inspection is prescribed by the OTSZ and is therefore also called a fire protection review.
Frequency of periodic inspections:
The inspection times are determined by the OTSZ for calendar days:
• 3 years for fire hazard class A-B
• 6 years for fire hazard class C-D-E