Company history

Arrabona-Villszer Kft. is a 100% Hungarian-owned company, the foundations were laid by Csaba Gyimesi in the early 2000s. The company initially carried out the electrical installation of residential buildings but today the scope of activity covers the entire electrical engineering profession, from the installation of low-voltage systems to the installation of transformer stations. Our reputation is national.
Thanks to our professional commitment, we are implementing more and more large-scale projects. In the domestic construction market, we have completed more than 300 successfully handed over projects in the last 20 years.
We pay great attention to development and reliable, precise work: we are constantly updating our tools. We are aware that our responsible, committed and creative professionals lay the foundation for the success of our business: we are always expanding the number and knowledge of our colleagues.
We are especially proud to maintain a fair relationship with many of our partners since our inception.
Cégünk filozófiája, hogy minden munkatársunk, szakképzett alvállalkozónk (40-60 fő) felelőssége és kötelessége a Cég és a partnerei által elvárt minőség a megrendelők maximális kiszolgálása érdekében. Megbízóink bizalma érték számunkra, melyre minden egyes nap igyekszünk rászolgálni.