Manufacturing of low voltage switchgear

Our company has its own distribution equipment manufacturing department, where our specialists are able to implement the unique ideas and technical solutions of the customers.

The complete energy supply of industrial plants and commercial buildings or office buildings is a complex task, the design and production of which already requires close cooperation between the customer, the designer and the equipment manufacturer, as well as the on-site installation specialists.
With the help of Schneider Electric's "Rapsody" distribution equipment design program, we can design the equipment exactly when we prepare the quotations: what enclosing dimensions it has, how its front view will look, how long it will take. After that, we have the elaborated list of materials to be installed.

We constantly consult with our customers during the production process so that we can produce equipment with the appropriate technical content. The completed equipment is installed and commissioned on site as required.

Our activities range from control distributors to the production of 3200A Prisma Plus standardized power distribution equipment. According to the MSZ EN 61439-1 standard, a piece test report is prepared for each piece of equipment. We use the device and equipment systems of our supplier partners Schneider Electric, Schrack.
Our ISO 9001-2009 quality management system at our company guarantees our customers a consistently high standard of our equipment production.

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